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Accutouch Gloves
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Accutouch Gloves

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ACCUTouch Gloves: Unveiling the Comfort Revolution

With ACCUTouch gloves, enjoy unrivaled comfort and functionality. These gloves, created to revolutionize hand protection, provide the ideal balance of sensitivity and toughness. ACCUTouch gloves offer a tactile touch that improves precision and lessens fatigue, whether you are in the medical field or an industrial setting. Learn about a brand-new glove technology dimension that is revolutionizing safety in a variety of industries.

Improve Your Safety Quotient with ACCUTouch Gloves

ACCUTouch gloves, a revolution in hand protection, can upgrade your safety equipment. The tight fit of these gloves guarantees maximum dexterity without sacrificing safety. Gloves made to the highest quality and comfort standards, ACCUTouch are ideal for intricate tasks. Navigate your workplace with assurance knowing that cutting-edge technology is protecting your hands.


Extra large size only in stock

  • AccutouchTM synthetic exam gloves are made of vinyl.
  • Cost-effective alternative ideal for general patient care.
  • Advanced technology has improved the tactile sensitivity and durability of these latex-free gloves.
  • 10 boxes in a case. 
  • 1000count in a case 

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