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Isolation Gown/Lab Coats

Reusable Isolation Gown - Reversible - 12pcs per box(ONE SIZE FITS MOST)

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When selecting an isolation gown for you and your team it is vital to analyze the specific uses for the gown, will you require them to be disposable or reusable? Another question to keep in mind is if you will require a latex free option, which we also offer. This may be required for any of your staff that have allergies to latex.

Arrow Safety Canada offers both reusable and disposable isolation gowns for professionals with different needs. Our reusable gowns are reversible and come in 12 pieces per box. One size fits most, and it is made with 99% polyester/ 1% carbon. It has 3" quick dry stretch knit cuffs and the gown length is 45"/ Sweep 65". It is reversible, fluid resistant and has an overlap wrap around style to provide excellent coverage. It is machine washable and dryer safe - 75(+/-) Cycles. It is made from Microfiber and one size fits most.

Our polypropylene disposable lab coat comes in 30 pieces per box and is made from heavy duty polypropylene that is made of a breathable fabric that provides economical protection with elastic wrists. This is the best low cost solution to protect workers against dry particulates, dirt, grime, and contamination. This disposable lab coat is designed for roominess and full coverage as well as comfort. It has a length of 38 1/2cm and a width of 58cm. It is a long sleeve isolation gown.

Our normal reusable isolation gown is proudly made in Canada, and comes 12 pieces per box. It has been tested for 20 washes. It is a fully waterproof, comfortable, multi-ply, heavyweight isolation gown. It provides a high amount of protection against fluids being generously sized with tape tab neck closure and elastic wrists. This gown features strong sealed seams that are designed to withstand tough conditions. It has AAMI standard liquid barrier protection.

Finally we offer a latex free option that comes 75 pieces to a box. Arrow Safety Canada offers same day shipping, ensuring that you are able to receive your personal protective equipment in a timely manner anywhere in Canada.