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When selecting the appropriate face shield in Canada for your team it is important to assess the amount of time they will be required to be worn, will you require it to be disposable or reusable, and what other types of protective equipment will be worn in addition to the face shield. Once these questions have been assessed, then you can look at how many members are part of your team and what quantity you will require over a given period of time. Also please note that discounts are applicable to larger orders, please contact our sales department for more information.

Face Shields in Canada can be worn for a variety of purposes to assist in helping to provide a full face covering during procedures where airborne particles may be present. Many of our products are made in Canada, including our interchangeable face shield This has a headband made from high density polyethylene and has a band at the back made from thermoplastic polyurethane.

Others like our disposable face shield are made from Anti-fog & Anti-scratch sheet material and have a white sponge strip for added comfort and an elastic band. It is 3mm thick and is not intended for impact use. 

Finally our face shield with headgear offers a premium polycarbonate scratch resistant window. This also adds an added layer of protection. All of our shields provide exceptional comfort for extended periods of use. They can be helpful in addition to other layers of personal protective equipment including face masks and isolation gowns.