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Disposable level3 gown. White 80 pcs.
Arrow Safety Canada

Disposable level3 gown. White 80 pcs.

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Better Safety with White Disposable Gowns

Our disposable white robes are dependable for preventing dangers. These robes are made of superior non-woven fabric for comfort and mobility while blocking pollutants. 

Superior Protection and Comfort

Our disposable white gowns prioritize comfort and safety. Tight elasticated cuffs minimize exposure to undesirable chemicals. Over locked seams make the robe durable even during intensive activity. In a hospital, lab, or other high-risk workplace, these robes provide safety without sacrificing comfort.

Customizable waist and shoulder ties keep the garment in place. This capability helps in dynamic work environments where mobility is crucial. The large wrap on the reverse reduces exposure from all angles.

Our disposable white gowns come in one size for simplicity and adaptability. These robes safeguard healthcare workers, laboratory technicians, and industrial workers with minimum effort.

Arrow Safety Canada understands the significance of hygiene and safety. Our disposable white gown are of the best quality to provide consumers piece of mind. Our robes protect against pathogenic materials, chemicals, and other pollutants.

In conclusion, our disposable white robes provide the best combination of protection, comfort, and convenience. These gowns are unrivaled in value for numerous applications due to their durability, customized fit, and consistent performance. Arrow Safety Canada disposable white robes improve safety and well-being today.

Protect yourself with Arrow Safety Canada's Disposable Level 3 Gown. High-quality non-woven fabric makes this white disposable gown comfortable and protective. It includes:

  • Elasticated cuffs and overlocked seams: Secure, comfortable fit.
  • Waist and shoulder ties: Easy adjustability and secure fit.
  • Generous reverse wrap: Completes protection.
  • One size: Suitable for most.

Our disposable gowns are ideal for healthcare personnel, medical facilities, and other vital workers who need reliable PPE. Order now to try our Level 3 gowns' safety and comfort. 

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