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Level 3 Mask / 3 Ply Face  Mask
Arrow Safety Canada

Level 3 Mask / 3 Ply Face Mask

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The Strength of Level 3 Masks for Exceptional Protection

The Level 3 mask is a strong defender when it comes to preserving your health and well-being. When compared to less protective options, this advanced mask offers a significant improvement in protection. The Level 3 mask protects you from a variety of airborne particles and contaminants thanks to its multi-layered design and high-filtration materials.

3 Ply Face Masks: The Science behind Them

Delve into the science of protection with the 3 Ply face mask. This mask, which is made of three different layers, combines comfort and effectiveness. While the middle layer serves as a filter, catching even the smallest airborne threats, the outer layer deflects moisture and particles. Last but not least, the inner layer is still gentle on your skin. This mask isn't just about safety – it's about smart engineering.


Graphene free.

Materials = Outer Layer: Polypropylene non woven fabric, water repellent 30gsm

                  - Middle Layer: High efficiency blown melt filter 25-30gsm

                  - Inner layer: Soft, skin-friendly, Polypropylene non-woven fabric 30gsm

                  - Ear Loop: Urethane Elastic Fiber length 18cm

                  - Nose clamp: Iron wire with plastic coasting 10.5cm 

Size = 17.5*9.5cm

Color = Blue 

ASTM BFE = 98%

Certificate = CE EN 149 

Grade = FFP2 


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